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From Clare

"I bought Dunwell Clementine at 6 months shortly after she had been weaned. When she arrived Sian had ensured she had all the basic skills and manners: easy to catch and lead, used to being groomed and having her feet picked up and moves over when asked.

In the 7 months I have had she has been a delight, She is confident with people and other ponies, inquisitive and quick to learn. I have started gently introducing her to new sights and experiences, she settles to anything new very quickly and is very eager to learn. I am looking forward to her fulfilling her potential to be a lovely ridden pony and to seeing what her particular talents are. Clementine is an independent pony- she is happy to be left out grazing if I bring my others in and is the same if I take her away to do some work with her.

The support I have had from Sian since my first contact with her has been superb and I know she will be there with help and advice in the future."

From Wendy

“Dunwell Bracken has settled in really well. I’m thrilled to bits with him. What a lovely little fella he is, really friendly and gentle. I’ll keep you informed of his progress and send you photos. Thank you so much for letting me have him.”